Finding My Groove

I’ve been told (Present Perfect Progressive) that I’m doing (Present Progressive) a poor job of updating (Present Participle) the blog. Fair enough. I’m (Present Simple) also severely behind in correspondence with a number of you, including (Present Participle) all the thoughtful and appreciated birthday wishes. So, here’s (Present Simple) a brief and temporary improvement on my performance.

My technical knowledge of the English language is improving, obviously.

And life is good! My birthday was greeted by a monsoon, but luckily the day before I went motorbiking to a couple waterfalls and found an excellent burger joint. I’m getting better at not sucking at teaching day by day. The language barrier between me and the Thai people is slowly coming down. And I’m finding a routine in life here, since I can’t just be a traveler forever.

But, never one for consistency, I’m about to become a traveler again for almost two weeks. Tomorrow, I fly to Kuala Lumpur and then bus to Malacca for two days. Then, back to Kuala Lumpur for a layover in Miri, before hopping a propellor death trap to Gunung Mulu World Heritage Area (park site).

Most exciting is the four day trek up Mount Mulu to the summit that I’ll be doing (Shackleton’s son was the “first” to attain the peak, although what are the odds it was a European first?). Although the routine in Bang Sak has been comfortable to find, I’m looking forward to the break. Consistency: who needs it?

Talk to you in a couple weeks.

Miss you much, love you more,