So Little Time

I’ve been struggling to write something thoughtful about moving and as the date draws nearer and the to-do list seems to grow, I fear not finding a quiet moment to sit and collect my thoughts.

Last night I emailed a friend most of what I know. I reread it this morning and was momentarily calmed by having succinctly laid out the known knowns and having something worth sharing with people.

Apr 5 Fly out of MSP at 7am

Apr 6 Arrive in Bangkok at 11:45pm

A friend is planning to meet me at the airport and take me to his and his wife’s apartment where I’ll be based out of for April. One wrinkle is they’re leaving for vacation on Apr 10 and returning Apr 20. So I’ll only have a few days with them before they leave.

Apr 11 Interview in Chiang Mai. Thinking of taking a train up from Bangkok. Overnight might be more efficient, but a day train would let me check out the view.

Not sure how or where to spend SongKran, maybe I’ll keep heading North after my interview for a few days.

May 2 Teacher training begins at the school in Chiang Mai. I’ll be there if I get the job.

May 19 Semester starts at the school in Chiang Mai. I’ll be there if I get the job.

Just found out that 1 of my other 2 job prospects isn’t happening, so I’m hoping to hear from the other or get the job in Chiang Mai.

If I don’t get a teaching job with those 3 or elsewhere, I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do. But I’m fairly certain I’ll figure something out.

So yes, modicum of organization feels good. But holy shit. Less than three weeks.