The Wait is Almost Over

I received yet another call at 4:45 this morning, but instead of a 24 hour delay, the man on the other end gave me a 2 hour delay. So back to bed to rise again at 6:30.  I gathered what remained in my room and met my 5-day happy hour mates to board the shuttle and head down to the deployment center. 

We weighed everything in at the center and went through security screening. In addition to your normal checked and carry-on bags, we pack what's called a "boomerang bag." All of the checked baggage is palletized, so if the flight has to turn around, all we get back is the boomerang bag and our carry-on. Luckily I wear only one of three flannels and the same jeans every day. 

The lights came up after our safety video and the pilot announced another 2 hour delay to clear the runway at our destination. So, we wait again.