The Week in Review

View from Observation Hill

Another week, another Halloween party, visit to the frozen food warehouse, drive out to the long duration balloon station and hike up Observation Hill.

Individually, I went as Pink Floyd. But I was honored to join ranks and form Shackletron, the first ever Antarctic-themed roller coaster costume. Alas, we lost in the group costume competition to KISS.

I work in Supply for the carpenters, but our food supply counterparts held an open freezer this week. As demonstrated by Levi, the supply workers often have to climb up the shelves to grab food for galley orders.

The long duration balloon (LDB) launch is a super exciting event on base. They aren't expected to launch until January, but the operation of preparing a balloon that will expand to the size of a football stadium takes all season. This week, we had to run some supplies (we supply field camps as well as carpenters) out to the LDB site. The wind and snow were blowing that day, making visibility limited, but an off-base trip is always exciting.

And last, but not least, we took a hike up Observation Hill this morning (Sunday) before brunch.