The Height of Summer

Tomorrow is the day that the sun starts setting. Unfortunately, I'm not scheduled to see it since I found out this week that my flight back to Christchurch is on February 19 and the sun won't set until February 21. Of course, that flight could be delayed.

Life on station is chugging along and the last few weeks have included:

  • Spectating a tug-of-war between our station and the New Zealand base (the Kiwis won)
  • Volunteering at one of the Thanksgiving runs
  • Thanksgiving dinner (including a luxurious two day weekend)
  • An intense game of Clue
  • A Mad Max-themed costume party
  • Another visit to the observation tube where I saw a seal swimming
  • A few foreign film nights
  • Playing my first show here (yes there's a video that I haven't seen yet)

Next week there are no fewer than four holiday parties I'm planning on attending. We've got Friday and Saturday off for Christmas this week and then two days off for the New Year. After that it's just three weeks until vessel, when a huge cargo ship arrives and we unload it around the clock until it's empty (I've been told it takes at least a week). And then it'll be February and it's only three weeks until I'm scheduled to take off.