Glai Bpeuun Thiang

I feel myself pulling out of transition and into Thailand. I've already been here 10 days, but between the familiarity of visiting school and the pointless trip to Patong (should've seen that coming), I'm finally able to take a slow pace in a not-too-familiar place. And who doesn't love a time-lapse video, compressing the time we move too quickly to see down to something we can grasp? Always love a time lapse.

The sun rose threehours ago here in Phuket Town:

My favorite noodle shop is still here, but my favorite coffee shop is now gone. The sun still thickens the air by 7:30am, but I'd forgotten the streets were more interesting beforehand.

I haven't forgotten the little Thai I know, but I have forgotten not to agree without fully understanding what I've agreed to.

Two more time lapses from Sam's barge in Australia: