We've All Got a Job to Do

I came to McMurdo about six weeks earlier this year because I got a short-term gig re-organizing the food freezer. A combination of steady ordering and underconsumption last season meant that things were a bit extra packed-in at the end of last summer, so a little extra consolidation and reorganization will help create a bit more breathing room in the freezer.

Most days are spent in the aisles of the freezer with Christina, Sonya and Joseph, hand-moving food from one half-full crate to another, moving a cube of 192 crates from the middle of one aisle to another (making the first aisle accessible for the time being), and filling in the empty holes on the racks with full crates from yet another cube of 192 crates. It's physically tiring work, but it's nice to be working on a project with such tangible outcomes and the galley staff has been appreciative of us making more food accessible.

Life here is good with 326 on station, but in about two weeks, population will balloon by about 600 and the sun will stop setting shortly thereafter. So, for now, it's a good time to enjoy space in the galley and the beauty of the sun rising and setting.