Free & Easy Ways to Earn Points

Rewards programs often seem overly complicated relative to how much you save. But there are some easy, set-em-and-forget-em cross promotions where even a small return is worth the 5 minutes to set it up.

The promotions listed below are marginal point sources but you can investment nothing more than setup time and your email address to start earning points. Even if you only earn 500 points in a year, it can mean the difference between being just short of enough points for a freebie and having just enough to get it.

If you find the below useful and need to create new accounts and if there’s not a better deal available, check out my referral codes.

Lyft Rides


You can earn 1 Delta SkyMile for every $1 spent on Lyft rides and 2 SkyMiles on Lyft rides to and from airports. If you’re a new Lyft user you can also get two $10 ride coupons.

  1. If you don’t already have one, create a SkyMiles account.

  2. Visit and enter your SkyMiles account number. Be sure the names associated with your Delta and Lyft accounts are the same.

  3. After confirming on the website, you’ll get a text confirmation.

  4. Check your Lyft account under “Connected Services” to confirm success.

  5. Rejoice!


Connecting your Lyft and Hilton accounts will earn 3 Hilton Honors points per $1 spent on Lyft rides in the US & Canada.

  1. If you don’t already have one, create a Hilton Honors account. If you sign up through this Lyft promo, you’ll get $5 off your first 3 rides.

  2. Visit the promo portal and click “Get Started”

  3. Follow the instructions.

  4. Look your Lyft account under “Connected Services” to confirm success.

  5. Watch the points roll in.

World Elite Mastercards


If you use a World Elite Mastercard to pay for Lyft rides, you can get a $10 credit every month after 5 rides. Sure it’s only $2 off per ride, but it’s free and there’s no signup. Just use your card as a payment method in the Lyft app.

If you’re not sure whether your Mastercard is a World Elite card, check the logo on the card itself.

AirBnB & Delta

Any AirBnB booking you complete through Delta’s AirBnB portal will earn 1 Delta SkyMile per dollar spent (excluding taxes & fees). You need a Delta Skymiles account to earn and creating one is free.

Fuel Rewards

The gist of this program is that after creating an account and linking your credit card to it, you get a $0.05 discount on gas at Shell stations. You can earn bigger discounts with more purchases, but this is about keeping it simple.

  1. Create your Fuel Rewards account and link a credit card

  2. Download the app to keep your membership handy

  3. When filling up select Fuel Rewards on the pump and enter your ID number

  4. Pay with the linked card

Rewards Network Dining

Like the Fuel Rewards program, the Rewards Dining Network earns airline miles (among other options) for spending at qualifying restaurants on your linked card.

  1. Visit the Rewards Network website

  2. Click through to your selected rewards program

  3. Register with that airlines Rewards Network site and link your card

  4. Dine at a qualifying restaurant and pay with your linked card

  5. Done

Moreover, you can:

  1. Get an intro bonus from your selected miles program for the first 3 purchases,

  2. Register more than one card, and

  3. Switch your registered card from one miles program to another very easily.

For example, you can link whichever card you prefer to use at restaurants to the Delta to the promo, fulfill the intro requirements (typically dining three times and sometimes writing reviews), create an account with United and link the card, fulfill the intro requirements, rinse and repeat.

The list of restaurants is limited, but this is about ease of use so it’s up to you how worthwhile it is to seek them out or just be pleasantly surprised when you happen to dine at one.


Let me know if I’m missing any easy promotions lie the above and I’ll add them to the list.